Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Cal Flame 12" Cocktail Centers
Product ID : BBQ07842P
BBQ07842P The Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen 12" Cocktail Center is perfect for...
Price: $464.00
Cal Flame 18" Cocktail Centers
Product ID : BBQ07842P-18
BBQ07842P-18 This Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen 18" Cocktail Center is 50%...
Price: $806.00
Cal Flame 3 Drawer Pull Out Refrigerator Drawer
Product ID : BBQ07863P
BBQ07863P Stylize your outdoor BBQ island with this Cal Flame Outdoor...
Price: $5,049.00
Cal Flame 30" Drop In Bar Center
Product ID : BBQ07902
BBQ07902 Transform your outdoor grill island into a terrific outdoor bar with...
Price: $1,149.00
Cal Flame 30" Drop In Ice Chest
Product ID : BBQ07864P
BBQ07864P This spacious Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen 30" Drop-In Ice Chest...
Price: $1,094.00
Cal Flame Beer Tap Refrigerator
Product ID : BBQ07843B
BBQ07843B The Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen Beer Tap Refrigerator, or Kegerator...
Price: $710.00
Cal Flame Beverage Cooler
Product ID : BBQ07850P
BBQ07850P This Cal Flame Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Beverage Cooler...
Price: $2,872.00
Cal Flame Drop-In Food Warmer
Product ID : BBQ07888P
Price: $426.00
Cal Flame Ice Maker
Product ID : BBQ07908
BBQ07908 This Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen Ice Maker makes it easy for you to...
Price: $2,687.00
Cal Flame Island Cocktail Blender
Product ID : BBQ07912
BBQ07912 The Cal Flame Island Cocktail Blender, made of commercial-grade 304...
Price: $705.00
Cal Flame Lights Inside The Door Kit
Product ID : BBQ07831
BBQ07831 Light up your outdoor life when you install the Cal Flame Outdoor...
Price: $103.00
Cal Flame One Drawer Pull-Out Refrigerator
Product ID : BBQ08865
BBQ08865 When you lack the space for a full-sized refrigerator, this Cal...
Price: $917.00
Cal Flame Patio Furniture - Newporter Folding Chairs
Product ID : ACCO1800181
Price: $185.00
Cal Flame Pizza Brick Tray
Product ID : BBQ07900
BBQ07900 Love homemade pizza? Then you need the Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen...
Price: $88.00
Cal Flame Pull Out Cutting Board
Product ID : BBQ07891P
Price: $158.00
Cal Flame Rotisserie Basket
Product ID : BBQ08892
BBQ08892 Your rotisserie kit will be more convenient and less messy when you...
Price: $65.00
Cal Flame Rotisserie for 3 Burner Grill
Product ID : BBQ08856P3
BBQ08856P3 The Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen Rotisserie for 3-Burner Grills makes...
Price: $56.00
Cal Flame Rotisserie for 4 Burner Grill
Product ID : BBQ08856P4
BBQ08856P4 Juicy poultry and roasts up to 35 lbs.
Price: $56.00